About Luxury Academy


Formed in London in 2012, Luxury Academy rapidly and firmly established itself in the luxury market. We were fortunate to be embraced by many of the UK’s most recognised names, and as our reputation grew, so did our expansion. Luxury Academy has offices in London, Visakhapatnam and Mumbai.

We focus exclusively on training for the luxury sector and Luxury Academy continues to be one of a very small number of training providers to this market. Our training covers all aspects of soft skills for the luxury market, including building relationships with luxury consumers, executive presence, business etiquette training, leadership training, customer service training and communication skills training.


We focus exclusively on the luxury market and are experts in this segment. Our training is specifically designed for professionals and companies who provide services across the luxury spectrum and is delivered by trainers who have an intimate understanding of the requirements of the luxury and high net worth customer.​

As with the best brands in the luxury market, much of our business comes through our excellent reputation and the long-standing relationships we develop with our clients and out students. Our training delivers results, and we are very proud of that.


Discretion is paramount within the luxury market and as such much of our work is covered by strict non-disclosure agreements.

We do not publish our client list on our website nor discuss past or present clients in our collateral or communications. Luxury Academy London will not release client details unless we have our client’s express permission to do so.

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