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One Year Advanced Diploma

Blended Learning with Six Month Internship

Course Internships Available to
India Students Only

12 Month Diploma

The first 6 months of your diploma consist of a curriculum of weekly lessons delivered online.

Lessons are released each Monday and are required to be completed by Thursday evening so that your tutor can review weekly performance.

Weekly Live Tutor Sessions

Live tutor sessions are conducted each week and differ from week to week.

Sessions usually consist of a more in-depth understand of that weeks lessons and allow you to as questions and interact with your tutor.

6 Months Internship

Your diploma consists of an internship placement for 6 months.

Your placement will be within the luxury sector in automotive, hospitality, retail or fashion. Work experience placements are assigned by your tutor based on course performance.

A Unique Career in the Luxury Industry

A Different Expectation

Throughout this one year Advanced Diploma, you will learn that the process of selling luxury or providing a luxury service is in a class of its own. The luxury industry is a multi-billion-dollar market and any edge luxury professionals can use to improve their skills and increase their visibility can offer a huge advantage.

You will realise that there is a very different service expectation for buyers of high-end luxury. They’re not measuring the service based on the performance of other  companies in non-luxury markets. Instead their expectations are based on their experiences with the absolute best providers of luxury goods and services worldwide.

Your high net worth clients are well travelled, very experienced and exposed to the best luxury service across the globe.

Luxury is about Selling a Lifestyle

One of the most important lessons you will learn is that luxury is not about selling just a product or a service. It’s about selling a lifestyle. Whether that is a luxury property, a luxury car, a private jet or hand-made clothing. It is important that you understand that the considerations of high net worth clients are different from the considerations of average customers.

Your tutor will guide you to the realisation that you are selling a lifestyle, whether it’s provenance or exclusivity, or innovation or a fabulous piece of jewellery, selling is storytelling. You will learn to tell stories in a compelling way to build long term customer relationships and you will learn to speak The Language of Luxury

Luxury Career Options

The luxury industry is a diverse and exciting industry to work in.  The career options and the opportunities are almost endless.  Luxury is one of the few careers where your skills are transferable across countries and market segments.  

You might start your career in luxury automotive but choose to change to luxury fashion or retail.  This means that the opportunity to travel and utilise your skills abroad is a very realistic option.  Some options might include:

  • Luxury Retail
  • Luxury Hospitality
  • Luxury Property
  • Luxury Automotive
  • Private Yachts & Private Jets
  • Luxury Fashion & Jewellery

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Six Months Internship

Placement in a Luxury Company

Your advanced diploma includes six months internship in a luxury company. We work with a range of luxury companies and you may be placed in a number of sectors within the luxury industry including; luxury automotive, luxury retail, luxury hospitality or luxury events.

Your tutor will assign your internship placement based on your course performance and whilst it is possible to request a particular sector, this cannot be guaranteed.

Remember your internship is an opportunity to understand how luxury works in real-life, it is part of your luxury journey and not your final destination.

Internship Interviews

You will be required to attend internship and placement interviews with your potential internship HR Department. These interviews ensure that you are both a good fit for one another.

Is an Internship Paid or Unpaid?

In most cases your internship will be paid with a stipend to cover your expenses on a monthly basis. This stipend is usually between Rs.8,000 - Rs.15,000 per month.

Will I be Guaranteed a Job?

The short answer to that is no. There are never a guarantee that you will receive a job after you complete your advanced diploma. The same way there was no guarantee you would get a job after you completed your degree.

Having said that, if you take your internship placement seriously and your become a valuable part of the team around you then there is a high probability you will be offered a full-time job.

Course Content

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Your Career After You Complete Your Advanced Diploma


With people’s growing romance with luxury, more and more professionals are choosing careers in the luxury sector. It offers the gratification of being associated with something they and their peers aspire to.
The reason many people today want to work in the luxury industry is the perks that are being offered.

What is a luxury environment?

If you are working in a luxury environment, you are expected to provide a unique ambiance and atmosphere, reflecting and reinforcing the values of the brand.
You have to be competitive enough to offer an exceptional and unparalleled experience in which consumers develop long-lasting and emotional ties and relationships with your brand.

What do I need for a Career in Luxury?

You need to have presence, demonstrate resilience and show a real passion for maintaining high standards. You’ll also need incredible attention to detail.

The primary skills luxury employers look for are:

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of trends
  • Vested interest in luxury and luxury lifestyles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Well informed about the brand you represent
  • The ability to inspire trust and confidence
  • Passion to create unforgettable experiences
  • The ability to build and nurture long-term relationships

Pay scale

The average starting yearly salary for a luxury associate, depending on the country you work in, is usually around £24,000 plus commission in Europe, $40,000 plus commission in the USA and Rs.3 Lakhs plus commission in India.
Commission rates can vary from segment to segment and from city to city but are normally generous because of the retail value of the high ticket items being sold.

A luxury professional is always expected to embody both their brand and luxury itself. This is expected even when out socialising or on social media, you are always representing and selling your brand.

It can be both daunting and exciting to know that you are representing an iconic luxury brand. But the rewards and career growth are second to none.
Remember though that behind all the glamour, there are long working hours and sometimes a very hectic travel schedule.

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Paul Russell

Managing Director  – Luxury Academy London

Learn more about Paul at:

Course Tutor

Paul Russell is an international luxury trainer and speaker with approaching 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable international brands and companies.

Paul is co-founder and managing director of Luxury Academy London which specialises in luxury skills development across the world.

Paul was born and spent his formative years in Mumbai India where he was privately educated by a team of three international tutors until 12 years of age. At twelve he was sent to England to complete his education and A-Levels at boarding school.

Paul holds a BSc, MSc and Doctorate in Workplace Psychology.

Paul regularly features in the media and has been interviewed by Sky, BBC, ITV, Times of London, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Office Magazine and Luxurious Magazine.

Application Process & Intake Dates

Application Process

  • Complete Application
  • Interview with Diploma Tutor (case by case)
  • Place Offer
  • Start Date Advised


Do I get a certificate?

Yes.  Once you pass all elements of the course with a 100% attendance rate, together with an 80% pass rate, you will be awarded a diploma from Luxury Academy London

Can participants message the Tutor?

Yes you can.  Throughout the entire duration of the diploma, students will be given access to the tutor

Is a job guaranteed?

We will allocated you a job search consultant who will work hard with you to find a suitable position, but like with any educational institute, we are unable to guarantee jobs at the end of your diploma.

What is the class language?

Classes are conducted in English and a fluent command of written and spoken English is required.  Students will be required to demonstrate language competency at interview stage.


Live tutor sessions take place weekly throughout the duration of the diploma course.

Is there an an admissions interview?

Yes there is.  You will be interviewed by the programme tutor to ensure you are a suitable fit to participate in the diploma course.

Luxury is a competitive industry and we must ensure that any students we place on our courses fit the profile for success within the luxury market.

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