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Inspiring trainers are made, not born

It’s often said that “the mediocre trainer tells, the good trainer explains, the superior trainer demonstrates, and the great trainer inspires”. Almost anyone who’s ever wondered how to be a good trainer has also wondered how to inspire learners to perform at their best. And when it comes to delivering an effective training program, the qualities of a good trainer can make all the difference.

Many people think that training is as easy as knowing the subject matter and being able to communicate well. While you absolutely need both of these qualities, they’re hardly enough to make an effective trainer. Inspiring trainers are made, not born. So, what makes a great trainer?

Effective trainers continuously practice and develop qualities that improve their understanding of learner and organizational needs. They understand that the more they exercise these qualities, the better equipped they’ll be to deliver training with accuracy and precision, create an active learning atmosphere, incorporate current learning trends – and the list goes on.

In this course we’ll cover the fundementals of training and how to present to an audience.

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Paul Russell is an international trainer and speaker with approaching 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable international brands and companies.

Paul is co-founder and managing director of Luxury Academy London which specialises in luxury skills development across the world.

Paul was born and spent his formative years in Mumbai India where he was privately educated by a team of three international tutors until 12 years of age. At twelve he was sent to England to complete his education and A-Levels at boarding school

Paul holds a BSc, MSc and Doctorate in Workplace Psychology.

Paul regularly features in the media and has been interviewed by Sky, BBC, ITV, Times of London, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Office Magazine and Luxurious Magazine.


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