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Diploma HR Management

UK CPD Accredited Programme
For New and Experienced Human Resource Professionals

Self Paced Programme - No Live Classes


Self-paced. No fixed duration. We reccomend 4-6 weeks.


UK CPD Diploma award on successfully passing end of course exam.

Human Resource Management, Leadership

Career enhancement for HR Professionals

Enhance your professional credentials with a UK CPD Accredited Diploma in Human Resource Management. This in-depth Human Resource programme is suitable for existing and aspiring Human Resource Professionals.

Build skills, knowledge and confidence for a career as a Human Resouce Professional and explore an extensive range of advanced human resouce concepts over 21 comprehensive modules.


Comprehensive modules

Each of the modules within the programme extensively covers a HR related topic such as:

  • Training and development,
  • Strategic feedback delivery,
  • Performance management,
  • Equality in the Workplace
  • Employee relations,
  • Reducing AbsenteeismRecruitment practises

Optional assignments

A series of optional assignments allow you to test your knowledge and implement your learning in practise.

Human Resource Professionals are in more demand than ever before and confident and knowledgable HR Professionals are highly sought after

Course Outline

Modules 01 - 07

An introduction to the functions and the objectives of human resource management, HR codes of ethics and common HR challenges

The complexities and challenges of successful recruitment are discussed, alongside the role of ethics in recruitment and useful guidelines for employee selection.

The importance of establishing and maintaining good employee relations is examined as well as an effective employee relations policy.

The goals and objectives of performance appraisals are discussed, alongside several primary performance appraisal methods and common challenges encountered in planning and performing appraisals.

Candidates learn how to identify training needs and assess the effectiveness of current training/development frameworks, while studying a detailed breakdown of the training process.

The criticality of proactively maintaining performance and encouraging every employee to perform at their best is  discussed.

Career-development and succession planning alongside 360-degree appraisal and the potential review/career-development interview.

Modules 08 - 14

Covering the different types of incentives and rewards, the concept of competence related pay and the importance of developing appropriate pay structures to maintain workforce motivation.

The business-wide benefits of building a diverse workplace culture are presented and discussed alongside the potential consequences of workplace discrimination.

HRM’s role in the development and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment is dissected and discussed. An essential overview of health and safety law and potential benefits of workplace health and safety.

Candidates consider the main causes of absence and the true costs of poor employee attendance.

Also covered is absence targets and benchmarking, absence notification procedures and the use of disciplinary procedures when absenteeism becomes problematic.

Grievance handling from an HR management perspective, including common causes of workplace grievances and the main types of grievances.

Termination and dismissal proceedings alongside points to consider when selecting employees for redundancy.

The benefits of a proactive and consistent talent management programme are discussed.

Guiding candidates through the process of creating and implementing a talent management plan.

Succession planning as a key performance driver. Candidates build an understanding of the purpose and value of succession planning including effective succession plans and forward-planning.

Modules 15 - 21

The importance of adopting a proactive approach to anger management is discussed, alongside several relaxation techniques and helpful anger management tools.

Candidates learn how to take their existing communication skills to the next level.

Topics include dichotomies in theory, assertiveness, frames of reference, creation of a positive self-image and an overview of the main communication styles.

Candidates are guided through the process of developing an effective violence prevention policy from the workplace, along with how a firm’s hiring practices can influence workplace safety.

Candidates learn how to embrace diversity and overcome potential age-related obstacles.

The value of proactive planning is also discussed, along with helpful coaching and mentoring guidelines to encourage equality and acceptance in the workplace.

The different stages of conflict are presented and discussed, along with the role of communication in conflict resolution and additional conflict management tips for HRM personnel.

Helpful guidelines for handling difficult and uncomfortable conversations are provided, along with tips for preventing and resolving common workplace hygiene issues.

The benefits of effective workplace wellness programs are discussed, along with an overview of the process of designing and implementing an appropriate workplace wellness program.

Scholarship FAQ

Scholarship applications are open to everyone over the age of 18 years.

Scholarships cover the standard tuition fees of £800 GBP but do not cover exam fees.

Exam fees are set externally and are outside the control of the academy.

Exam fees are currently £60.00 GBP.

You can check your local currency exchange by clicking here.

You can pay your exam fees in 2 equal monthly installments if you wish.

You do not need to attend any classes with this programme. It is completely self-paced.

The course is self-paced. This means you can complete the course in a timeframe most suitable to you.


You can resit the exam if you fail. However, please keep in mind that the exam fee of £60.00 GBP is payable every time you sit the exam. So it is best to pass the exam first time around.

No you will not be awarded any certification if you do not pass your final exam.

UK CPD Accreditation is widely accepted by employers all over the world.

In the USA and Canada CPD is sometimes called CE and the accreditation will reflect that for US and Canadian students.

Because of the intense nature of the content, it is delivered in text form so you can take it with you and digest it on the go.

Yes you will be able to ask for tutor assistance or clarification throughout the course if you need it.

Proctored Exam

When you have completed all lessons and modules within your programme you will be invited to sit a UK CPD Accredited final exam. This is a timed and proctored examination consisting of 20 questions.

The required pass percentage to be awarded a diploma is 60%.

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