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Two expert lessons are released each week each covering a different element of the curriculum.

Lessons are released each Monday and Wednesday.

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Two Kinds of Retail Salesperson

There are usually two kinds of sales executives in retail, first is the Stalker, these are the sales people who believe that following a customer around the store like a shadow will result in “making a sale at any cost”, they might make good sales numbers but customers don’t like them and don’t feel comfortable around them.

The second kind of sales executive is the Wallflower, these are the sales people who stand by the wall or hide behind the displays and do everything possible to make themselves invisible. Usually the reason for this is a lack of confidence and in many cases, simple shyness. 

Unfortunately, customers don’t like these kinds of sales people either, they feel frustrated that they have chase them for help.

The Luxury Retail Expert

Enter the perfect retail sales Expert! Confident, assured, passionate and adored by customers. The Expert listens to customers, identifies their needs, makes suggestions and helps customers feel totally in control and the centre of attention. The Expert advises, suggests and always outperforms the Stalker and the Wallflower.

At the core of this course is a proven, step-by-step sales model which can use immediately in all sales situations. It teaches the techniques of using listening and questioning techniques to understand each customer’s needs, it covers how to read body language to anticipate customer interest levels and it uses psychology to learn how to motivate buying in the customer psyche.

Course Curriculum 

Retail Sales

  • Linking sales and customer service
  • Know your customer
  • Create the opportunity
  • Matching customer needs
  • Handle objections and close the sale
  • After the sale

Retail Passion

  • Customer Motivation:
  • Rapport = Results
  • Non-Verbal communication
  • Language of influence
  • High Intensity interactions

Retail Forecasting

  • Retail Sales Forecasting
  • Retail Sales planning
  • Resource planning
  • Planning KPI's
  • After sales and follow up

Body Language

  • Understanding Body Language
  • Core principles of Body Language
  • Arm Cross & Palm Gestures
  • The Handshake
  • Hand & Thumb Gestures
  • Hand to Face Gestures

Art of Small Talk

  • Introduction - Small Talk
  • Why do we use Small Talk?
  • The Danger of Silence
  • The Small Talk Formula

Paul Russell is an international luxury trainer and speaker with approaching 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable international brands and companies.

Paul is co-founder and managing director of Luxury Academy London which specialises in luxury skills development across the world.

Paul was born and spent his formative years in Mumbai India where he was privately educated by a team of three international tutors until 12 years of age. At twelve he was sent to England to complete his education and A-Levels at boarding school.

Paul holds a BSc, MSc and Doctorate in Workplace Psychology.

Paul regularly features in the media and has been interviewed by Sky, BBC, ITV, Times of London, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Office Magazine and Luxurious Magazine.

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