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Diploma in Luxury Retail

Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


12 Weeks broken into two terms of six weeks each


Helping you achieve leadership and management skills at an international level


Suitable for existing and experienced managers and supervisors

Two Kinds of Retail Salesperson

There are usually two kinds of sales executives in retail, first is the Stalker, these are the sales people who believe that following a customer around the store like a shadow will result in “making a sale at any cost”, they might make good sales numbers but customers don’t like them and don’t feel comfortable around them.

The second kind of sales executive is the Wallflower, these are the sales people who stand by the wall or hide behind the displays and do everything possible to make themselves invisible. Usually the reason for this is a lack of confidence and in many cases, simple shyness. 

Unfortunately, customers don’t like these kinds of sales people either, they feel frustrated that they have chase them for help.

Luxury Retail Expert

Enter the perfect retail sales Expert! Confident, assured, passionate and adored by customers.

The Expert listens to customers, identifies their needs, makes suggestions and helps customers feel totally in control and the centre of attention. The Expert advises, suggests and always outperforms the Stalker and the Wallflower.

Anticipate Customer Needs

At the core of this course is a proven, step-by-step sales model which can use immediately in all sales situations.

It teaches the techniques of using listening and questioning techniques to understand each customer’s needs, it covers how to read body language to anticipate customer interest levels and it uses psychology to learn how to motivate buying in the customer psyche.

Course Curriculum

Retail Sales

Body Language

Retail Passion

Art of Small Talk

Retail Forecasting

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