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Leadership in Luxury

Exclusively for the luxury sector

Essential Leadership & Management Skills

The Leadership in Luxury programme is tailored for new managers in the luxury sector, focusing on cultivating essential leadership and team management skills. 

The programme encompasses a wide array of topics, beginning with the fundamentals of leadership in luxury management, which sets the foundational tone for understanding the unique nuances of this exclusive sector. 

It progresses through the topics of effective communication, motivational strategies, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence, all crucial for fostering a positive and productive team environment. 

Strategic decision-making, time management, and performance evaluation are also covered, ensuring that new managers are equipped with the practical skills needed for day-to-day team management. 

Contributing to Success and Excellence

The programme emphasises the importance of adapting to change, developing a personal leadership style, and understanding team dynamics, vital for navigating the ever-evolving luxury market. 

Ethical leadership and responsibility are also briefly covered, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainability and ethics in the luxury industry. The delivery, through short, self-paced video lessons allows for flexible learning, catering to the busy schedules of new managers. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and insights, enabling them to lead their teams effectively, enhance collaboration, and ultimately contribute to the success and excellence of their luxury brands.

Course Content

Course Content

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