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Become a Life Coach
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Course Start: 27 July 2020
Live Classes: Saturdays 5pm (BST)


Video Lessons

85 pre-recorded video lessons completed over six weeks.

Live Online Classes

Weekly live online classes with other course participants.


CPD Accredited certification and 70 CPD unit awards.


Programme is open to all levels of experience.

Exam Fees

Exam fees of £125 GBP

Accredited Diploma

Fully accredited programme to add credibility to your qualification and allow you to practice as a certified and accredited coach.

Certified Life Coach

Become A Certified Life Coach

If you want to help clients create long-term and sustainable change in themselves, their work and their lives, then life coach training may just be for you.

With coaching now helping people in almost every aspect of life, you will learn to respond with sensitivity, curiosity, confidence and flexibility to the many issues that your clients will bring.

Your passion will transform lives through your coaching, you will become mentor, friend, advisor and guide to your clients.

Whether you choose to work as a life coach, executive coach, career coach or relationship coach, the skills you learn over the next six weeks will serve as the foundation of your coaching business for many years to come, helping you build and sustain a successful and profitable business.

Life Coach - Passion and empowerment


If you want to empower others to achieve their goals and improve their lives, then becoming a certified life coach is a career you will excel at.

Life coaching is not only about giving advice, it’s far more than this. The ability to develop strong and impactful relationships with your clients are essential if you are to help and guide them in achieving their goals.

Life Coach - Reach your potential

Tap Into Their Potential

Life coaches provide an extensive range of invaluable services for millions of people worldwide. Clients approach life coaches for various reasons, though don’t always know exactly what they want to achieve.

They know there’s something about their life they’d like to improve, or perhaps something that’s holding them back. The job of the life coach being to help clients pinpoint problems in their lives, identify obstacles standing in their way and empower them to fulfil their objectives.

Become a life coach

A Business, Not A Hobby

Starting a coaching business is hard. I know you know this, because if it was easy, you’d have done it already. It’s important to start with your eyes open.

We know the burning question you want answered is: “how much money can I make as a life coach?” and the answer is…. it depends. The average fees charged range from $75 per hour across Asia and Africa up to $500 per hour across North America, Europe and Australia.

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Course Modules

MODULE 01 - Life Coaching Essentials

MODULE 02 - Mental Skills Development

MODULE 03 - Anger Management

MODULE 04 - Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

MODULE 05 - Attention Management

MODULE 06 - Body Language

MODULE 07 - Improving Mindfulness

MODULE 08 - Improving Self Awareness

MODULE 09 - Coaching Specialisation

who is it suitable for?

People from every walk of life have created flexible, exciting and financially stable coaching businesses as a life coach.


Convert your vast professional experience into a coaching career and help transform lives with your expertise.

Career Change

Have a successful and lucrative second career and start your own coaching consultancy.


Add life coaching, executive coaching and career coaching to your portfolio of services to your clients.


Create financial freedom with a flexible well paying career that works around your existing schedule.


Use your entreprenuerial flair and ambition to start a coaching consultancy and create financial independance.

Religious Leaders

Relgious leaders such as pastors, deacons and lay ministers can increase their coaching and mentoring with life coaching.

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Meet some coaches

They covered their course fees with their very first client and are now earning up to five times
the salary they earned before becoming a life coach.


Sunny Singh - Career Coach

Sunny works with graduates, high potential executives and return to work female executives on their career and ambition paths. 

CURRENT FEE: Rs.7,000 per hour


Sam Holland - Life Coach

Sam helps both personal and busincess clients realise their potentia in both their careers and in their personal lives.

CURRENT FEE: £200 per hour


Sylvia Waweru - Life Coach

Sylvia works with business women in Nairobi and across Kenya to accellerate their confidence in their career.

CURRENT FEE: Ksh 12,000 per hour


Deepa Nair - Executive Coach

Deepa works with managers and executives in engineering, tech and banking and helps them realise their leadership goals.

CURRENT FEE: Rs. 9,500 per hour


A selection of the most commonly asked questions

The programme takes a blended learning approach.  You will have weekly pre-recorded video lessons and weekly live classes.

You should set aside about 3 hours per week for study.

As part of the programme we will guide you and advise you on the different routes you can take when starting your coaching business.

No. Once you enroll in the programme you’re committed to us and we are committed to you.

We work with you to ensure that you are confident and competent every step of the way. We are invested in your success – as you are – and therefore have regular sessions to ensure that you’re on-track, able to implement the learning and to answer any questions you may have.

That depends on your market and the country where you live.  There are life coaches who make 6 figure income in the US and UK, coaches who make 3 lacs a month in India and coaches who make 500k shillings a month in Kenya.

No business anywhere is guaranteed to find clients.  Every business both established and new have to focus on business development, if they didn’t there would be no need for sales teams!

However, the life coaching market is new and exciting and is a market that is attracting a lot of attention from potential clients across the world.  People are becoming more focussed on their ambitions, their goals and their mental health in terms of work and life balance, this is where you come in!

Life coaching is the unbrella term for a number of different coaching types.

Life coaches sometimes focus on a particular niche such as Executive Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach or Relationship Coach.

Some life coaches focus on spiritual coaching and confidence coaching.  So essentially anyone with the passion to help others achieve the best version of themselves can be a life coach.

Given the lack of regulation, you can simply put up a website and declare yourself to be a coach without any kind of training or qualification; you may even be a good coach without any training.

But generally we believe that a good training programme is crucial in equipping you with both the confidence to really support your clients and the techniques and tools you need to be effective.

Most importantly though, your clients will want the peace of mind and trust element of you being a fully accredited and certified coach.

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