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Luxury Sales Expert


4 Weeks. 100% Online. Self-paced learning with weekly live classes.


Learn psychological and behavioural techniques to help you excel as a luxury sales executive


Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers and Sales Directors

Luxury Sales Mastermind

An emotional mindset shift

The vast majority of luxury consumers buy based on emotion rather than logic. The luxury buyer is sophisticated and well-informed, there’s a very strong possibility they already know more about your product or service than the average buyer.

The luxury sales executive should focus on the emotional needs of the luxury client rather than highlighting an à la carte menu of benefits. It’s very difficult to list benefits when the choice is between a Cartier diamond and a Bulgari diamond or a Vacheron Constantin and an Audemars Piguet.

The benefits are similar because both choices are exceptional. The choice then boils down to emotional connection and this can take a considerable mindset shift for the luxury sales professional.

Guide the clients behaviour

But luxury consumers are also rational; most are successful business and career people. They didn’t get to where they are, making every decision emotional. They are very aware that they can buy similar products or services, with similar features and similar design, a lot cheaper.

Psychology tells us that the emotions we use to make judgment calls guide us in making decisions. Emotions and feelings are elements of rational thought that reveal what is important to us. We can be emotionally drawn to beautiful shoes, then rationally decide if the quality and workmanship of the £900 pair, are worth the additonal cost over a cheaper but similar looking pair from the high street.

The job of the luxury sales professonal is to understand and recognise behaviour well enough to know how to guide the client.

Compliance Techniques

Compliance is a type of social psychological influence where an individual does what someone else wants them to do, following his or her request or suggestion. It is similar to obedience, but there is no order – only a request.We use compliance techniques all the time without consciously realising that we’re doing it.

When was the last time you said to someone “Can you do me a favour?” The option to say no is there but the person being asked is unlikely to say no. This is a common compliance technique.

There are many compliance techniques in sales that may sound familiar but are never used correctly by sales professionals.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The foot in the door technique
  • The door in the face technique
  • The low-ball technique
  • The go-high technique
Luxury Sales Mastermind

Inspire and motivate

Effective leaders have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviours that set them apart from others. Successful leaders inspire and motivate people.

They have the ability to create a vision and transfer it to those around them. They encourage hope, positivity, ambition and compassion.

They are good communicators; know about planning and more importantly they can manage people. While all good managers are not leaders, all successful leaders certainly know how to manage people.

Course Outline

Week 01

Psycholinguistics & Language

Live Class Topic

Language Patterns in Luxury Sales

Week 02

Building Rapport & Trust

Live Class Topic

Cold Reading a Client to Build Rapport

Week 03

Reciprocity & Influence

Live Class Topic

Influence Techniques

Week 04

Diplomacy & Tact

Live Class Topic

Tactful Closing

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