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The Psychology of Selling Luxury

Exclusively for the luxury sector

Psychological Principles

The Psychology of Selling Luxury is designed for sales professionals in the luxury sector, focusing on the intricate psychological principles that drive consumer behaviour. 

This course offers a look into understanding how luxury consumers perceive value, make purchasing decisions, and are influenced by various emotional and social factors. 

It covers a range of topics, from the perception of luxury brands and the role of emotional drivers in luxury purchases, to the impact of exclusivity and scarcity in selling. 

It also explores the significance of trust, the psychology behind colour association and the cognitive biases affecting luxury purchases.

Insights and Strategies

Structured as a series of self-paced, concise video lessons, each spanning 3-5 minutes, the programme is designed to be accessible and engaging for busy professionals. 

Lessons like “The Psychology of Pricing in Luxury” and “The Impact of Storytelling in Luxury Sales” are geared towards equipping salespeople with the knowledge to craft compelling narratives and strategies that resonate with the unique psychology of luxury buyers. 

Topics such as “Symbolic Consumption ” and “Future Trends in Consumer Behaviour” ensure that participants are not only versed in current consumer psychology but are also prepared to anticipate and adapt to future trends. 

This programme is the perfect tool for salespeopple in the luxury market, providing them with the psychological insights and strategies needed to succeed.

Course Content

Course Content

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