6 week certificate in Leadership & Management

frequently asked


A decision on your application will be made within 6 hours of your application

If you pass your final exam with a passing grade of 70% or over you will be awarded a certificate.

Your certificate will be sent to you by soft copy.  If you would like your certificate to be printed, stamped and posted to you there is a printing and postage charge of £25.00 GBP

The programme is 100% online.

Scholarships include only tuition fees.  There are no available scholarships which also include exam fees.


The exam fee charge is £60 GBP.

Exam fees are charged in GBP. You can convert GBP to your local currency at www.xe.com

You will not be able to participate if you cannot afford your exam fee.  By not sitting your final exam you will be unable to graduate the programme and will not be awarded a certificate.

You can apply again when your financial situation changes.

This may be due to the fact that you are trying to make an international payment.  This is not unusual and is a fraud prevention measure put in place by your bank.

To remove the international payment block please call your card issuer or your bank and they will do it for you.

We accept Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.  We do not accept M-Pesa or any form of mobile payments.

Yes you can make a payment to the Academy bank accounted managed bt Barclays Bank Plc. Email or message us for he account details.

No.  We do not accept payment by Western Union at this time.


Your lessons are available on your learning dashboard and are released weekly.  Video lessons are self-paced and can be completed any time during the week before you attend your live class.

Live classes happen once per week on our video platform.  You join your tutor and your other classmates once per week for one hour.

No, lessons cannot be downloaded or viewed offline.

Your exam is completed online in a secure online exam browser.


If you are awarded a scholarship you willl be requested to pay a deposit of £10 GBP to accept your place.

We charge a deposit because in the past students have been awarded a scholarship, have accepted it and then failed to attend classes or complete the course.  In charging a deposit it eliminates people who are not serious and allows us to offer these places to serious students.

You pay the remaining amount of your exam fee 2 weeks before sitting your final exam.

Your certificate is CPD accredited in the United Kingdom.

Can you use it as credit towards a university degree?  No you cannot.  It is a 6 week short course and is not a university qualification.

Courses are 100% online, including the live classes and exams.  This means that you can be based anywhere in the world and will be able to access your lessons and your classes.


Go to www.luxuryelearning.com/my-account and enter your email address and the password you set up when you registered as a new student.


Sometimes this email can go into your spam folder, please check your spam folder first.  If it isn’t there please contact us.

Please go to your welcome email and click on the link there.  If you have not received a welcome email, please check your spam folder.

Please go to your welcome email and click on the link there.  If you have not received a welcome email, please check your spam folder.

Your batch ID number is displayed in the profile picture of your batch WhatsApp Group.

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