Inclusivity for Neurodivergence: Broadening Reach, Deepening Trust.

Inclusivity Alliance

Demonstrating inclusivity to neurodivergent individuals not only broadens clientele but also deepens brand trust and significance.


1-5 Star Rating

The Inclusivity Alliance is a distinctive star-rating system that evaluates luxury hotels and resorts on their commitment to inclusivity for neurodivergent guests. Ranging from one to five stars, this system was conceived recognising a significant gap in the luxury hospitality industry, which, while priding itself on tailored experiences, often overlooked the specific needs of neurodivergent individuals.

To earn a star grading, establishments embark on an application process, after which they are meticulously evaluated on various criteria. These include the creation of sensory-friendly environments, training staff to competently assist neurodivergent guests, and provision of specialised amenities like weighted blankets and detailed room guides.


Beyond the recognition of the star grading itself, standout establishments that show extraordinary dedication in specific areas can earn special recognition, such as “Sensory Excellence”. 

For hotels and resorts, embracing neurodivergent Inclusivity not only serves to distinguish them from competitors but also provides an opportunity to tap into a new and loyal market segment.

The endeavour enhances their industry reputation, leading to the potential benefits of increased bookings, positive word-of-mouth, and strengthened guest loyalty.

inclusive hospitality

A world where luxury hospitality isn't just about opulence and grandeur, but about understanding, inclusivity, and heart.

The Inclusivity Alliance Grading isn't just a rating; it's a promise. It's an assurance that an establishment recognises and caters to the unique needs of neurodivergent guests. From one to five stars, our grading symbolises the depth of commitment and provision of facilities tailored for neurodivergence.

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