CB2203 – Leadership & Management

Standard price: £395.00

At Luxury Academy London, we understand that Covid19 has had an impact on millions of people around the world. Many have lost their jobs or found themselves with dramatically reduced working hours.

We believe that now more than ever, it is important for people to have access to professional education to enhance existing skills or learn new ones. But we understand that at the very time you need access to this kind of training, is usually the time when it is the most difficult financially.

This is why we have introduced the “I can afford” programme for all of our self-paced short courses and some of our longer certificate courses. And whilst we would like to give our courses away without charge, this would not be sustainable for us as a company.

So , if you can only afford to pay half the course price or a quarter of the course price, enter your amount in the “I can afford” box and click enroll.

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