Certificate Time Management


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  • Self Paced Learning
  • End of Course Certificate

Everyone needs to deal with incoming “stuff” on a daily basis, whether they are mails, emails, calls, information packs, messages, your own thoughts or even random events like the breakdown of your car. We need to deal with a collection of unrelated distractions at work and at home using only “one” mind. If you increase your efficiency in dealing with these, you stand to gain enormously.

Many systems exist and numerous productivity books and courses attempt to introduce one system or another to their audience. These systems prove to be effective at first, but seem to get forgotten over time and people fall back to their bad habits once more. Over time, as more systems are learned and tested, a sense of hopelessness develops, that no matter what time management system is used, the result is never quite good enough.

At Luxury Academy, we deliver Time Management courses continuously and we have realised that imposing any particular system on participants does not necessarily lead to increased productivity. As a result, we have tailored this course to make it as effective as possible not just in the short term, but also in the long term.

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