Richard Di Britannia

Specialist Leadership and Communication Training for High-Performance Teams


Tailored training programmes, designed to meet your teams objectives and cater to diverse learning styles.

Results Driven

Focussed on delivering measurable outcomes, enhancing team performance and fostering professional growth


Training that significantly boosts communication and leadership skills, creating lasting changes in team dynamics


Promoting profound shifts in individual behaviours and team culture, empowering a new standard of operational excellence

High Impact Training

Richard Di Britannia is a renowned specialist in communication skills and leadership, boasting a career spanning nearly two decades. 

His clientele is as diverse as it is prestigious, from Fortune 500 companies and global powerhouses such as Amazon and Mercedes-Benz, to collaborations with the Obama administration and senior government officials worldwide.

Richard has carved a niche in delivering high-impact training to CEOs, C-suite executives, and teams at all levels, focusing on nurturing effective communication and leadership skills.

An inspiring journey

He is the respected author of three books including the bestseller ‘Speak and Be Heard’, a testament to his profound understanding of public speaking and presentation delivery.

His personal journey is an inspiring one. In 2011, Richard was rendered mute by a micro-stroke. Through resilience and determination, he not only regained his speech but also gained a newfound appreciation for the power of articulate communication. 

This experience fuels his passion for helping others express themselves effectively and lead with conviction.

Results Driven Training Programmes

Designed to deliver tangible and measurable outcomes. Going beyond theoretical knowledge and focusing on practical skill enhancement, boosting team performance, and fostering professional growth that impacts the bottom line.

Training Programmes


Leadership - Junior Managers




Leadership - Middle Managers

One-to-One Coaching


Leadership - Senior Managers


CEO and C-Suite

Books by
Richard Di Britannia

Richard, a respected author with three significant publications, including a best-seller on speech craft, works with a broad range of clients. His communication expertise has been sought across a variety of industry sectors. Collaborations have included global corporations such as Amazon and Mercedes-Benz, as well as the Obama administration.

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