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Sam & Eva Davé

Welcome to Style Optique. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share our story with you.

Our Story

Our Story

We met at University where we were both studying optometry. After graduating in 2002, we married soon after and quickly learned how to juggle our careers with a growing family.

This is our story of how we created and have grown one of UK’s most progressive, award winning Optical Boutiques!

Our Mission

At the very beginning of our career with corporate high street chains, we noticed two things which we knew we’d change when we owned our own practise.

The speed of appointment turnaround was too fast and the underlying culture of profit over people didn’t put the client first. We vowed never to fall into these traps.

Our Promise

We both wear glasses and like most of our clients, we’re both very style conscious but found it so difficult to find distiictive and interesting eyewear. The mass produced and generic selection on the high street was so incredibly boring!

We promised ourselves that we would source the most unique collections from all over the world for our clients.

We keep that promise every day, many of our collections come from designers in Paris, Milan and New York but we also choose styles from small, talented designers, from all corners of the globe.

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