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Fed up with boring glasses that don’t inspire you?


Confused about what frame and colour suits your face?

Lack Choice?

Seen hundreds of glasses that all look the same?


Unable to glasses that are both style and comfortable?

Eyewear Styling Consultation

Your glasses are often the very first thing someone notices about you and can speak volumes about who you are!

Of course they should feel comfortable but we also believe that they should compliment your style, express who you are and make you feel like the best version of yourself, every single day!


Discover Your Va Va Voom!

To ensure we help you find your perfect pair/pairs – often one pair just isn’t enough – we offer you a dedicated, one hour Eyewear Styling Consultation in our recently renovated Styling Suite with one of our fully trained & industry qualified Eyewear Stylists

What is an Eyewear Styling Consultation?

A styling consultation begins with finding out about you, your glasses and your lifestyle and then we go on to complete a fun questionnaire to find out about your style personality

3 Steps to a new you

Style Personality

Your style personality dictates everything you do in life, from the clothes you wear to the car you drive, the pets you choose and the holidays you go on.

In terms of eyewear it’s what makes one person love bright dramatic frames and another prefer understated elegance.

Knowing your style personality helps you choose the eyewear which reflects who YOU are and enhances your overall image.

Colour Type

We assess your colour type by using the internationally renowned Colour Me Beautiful system of the six dominants to help you find your most flattering eyewear colours.

Colour Type

Colours which will enhance your overall appearance, helping you look younger, fresher and healthier. And finally we do face analysis.

Facial Analysis​

Firstly we analyse your face and make key observations of length and width, we'll then look at the shape of your features such as your brow line

Facial Analysis​

We realise that most people do not fit into an exact face shape so we have devised a more individual method of helping your discover your best frame shapes– tailoring our advice specifically to you!

Handpicked frames

We will then hand select 6-8 frames which fulfil all the criteria above, taking out all the hassle of choosing eyewear. In most cases the frame/frames you love are in this selection.

Many of our clients enjoy having multiple pairs to match their different looks and the different things they do in life.

Meet Our Clients

Ian Lurcock

The experience is superb, from the moment you enter the shop to the moment you return to pick up your glasses.

Angela Walker

Such an amazing experience and one where I was made to feel valued. I left with a pair of beautiful glasses that were perfect for me thanks to the styling consultation.

Silvy Baldwin

I had a wonderful frames fashion morning, arranged by Eva and Sam with the fashion consultant from the Canadian frame company.

Sophie Simpson

A lovely member of staff called Zoe conducted my appointment and I was really pleased with how it all went! I was greeted and made to feel comfortable as soon as I waked through the door.

Exclusive Collections

Our bijoux Eyewear collections are carefully curated with you in mind.

We are committed to sourcing unique, beautifully crafted, artisan independent designed eyewear pieces which can help you stand apart as someone who prizes both quality and individual style/ being themselves.

Many pieces are exclusive and unique to Style Optique and therefore you will not find anyone else wearing the pair you choose!

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