Leadership and Management

Week 09

Week 09 Test – Diploma Leadership and Management

You will be judged on:

  • Your leadership skills
  • Your Communication Skills
  • Your Empathy
  • Your Critical Thinking
  • Your Diplomacy
  • Your Collaboration as a Team

Read The Instructions Carefully

The World is coming to an end.  There is one bomb shelter built and has food and supplies to allow six people to survive the nuclear bombs and live to rebuild society.  You and your group have been chosen to select the six people who will continue the human race.  Choose wisely. 

Begin by individually ranking:

who should survive (1-6; 1=highest priority)

and who cannot  (7-13; 13=lowest priority). 

Your group must decide who gets into the bomb shelter. The decision must be unanimous.


Pick 6 and only 6 individuals who will go into the bomb shelter:

  1. A 30 year old Special Forces Army officer who is a survival expert but is unable to have children.
  2. A Mexican Chief of Police who loves children, and hates gays.
  3. A 21 year old prostitute who is on welfare and has no money.
  4. An agricultural scientist who is secretly a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
  5. A Water purification expert who is a lesbian.
  6. An old business leader and philanthropist who supports education, the ecology and human rights.
  7. A construction and material engineer that was convicted of domestic abuse and was released for good behavior.
  8. A disabled (wheelchair assisted) African geologist who is good with using rocks and fossil fuels as natural resources. The geologists refuses to leave his two twin 3 year old boys.
  9. The geologist’s twin boys.
  10. A 45-year-old dance teacher from Milan who is into the latest fashions.
  11. An old Indian guru who is known as a spiritual healer.
  12. A talented Islamic school teacher who refuses to teach to non-Muslims.
  13. A 25 year old Catholic priest who does not recognize other religions.

Enter your Choices

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