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Congratulations on your Place Offer

This page explains how to accept your scholarship.  What to expect from your course and how to pay your exam fees.

About Your Scholarship

The Accredited Trainer Programme is a self-paced, online learning programme.

This means that all of your lessons take place online and can be studied at any time that is convenient for you.  There is no strict deadline on when you can do your lessons. 

You must however complete your course and sit your final exam within 9 weeks of starting.  Please refer to the FAQ section for commonly asked questions.

Exams & Certification

Your scholarship covers your tuition fees of £395.00.  Your exam and accreditation fees of £75.00 GBP are not included in your scholarship offer.  Exam fees are paid in two installments.  A £25.00 deposit upon acceptance of a place and £50.00 when you sit your exam and be awarded accreditation.

Your final exam is done inside a virtual exam hall and is supervised by video.  Exams are subjective in nature and require that you show a solid understanding of the course content and subject.

Exams are graded by a tutor and require a 70% pass rate to be awarded a Certificate. Certificates are issued via soft copy but the option to print and mail a hard copy certificate is also available if required.

You may resit your exam once in the event of failure on your first attempt.

About your video lessons

The Accredited Trainer Programme is broken into six seperate lessons.  Each lesson has individual topics on a particular subject.  There are 79 individual video lessons in the course.  All lessons are delivered by Dr. Paul Russell.

Half-way through the course there is a mid-course test, this tests your knowledge of the lessons you have completed to date.

At the end of the 79 lessons you will complete your final exam.  To receive accreditation you must pass this exam with a pass rate of 70%.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  There are no scheduled classes for you to attend.  There are however tutor classes and masterclasses delivered at various times which can be joined by any student.  Times and dates are published inside your tutors Facebook Group.

Yes you can.  You can interact with your tutor inside their Facebook Group.  You can also email your tutor or ask for a one-to-one advice session.

No.  You cannot download video lessons.  All lessons should be viewed inside your learning dashboard.

The programme is a 100% video based learning programme.  There are no other materials required to complete your course.

Yes.  You can access your lessons on mobile, tablet or on your desktop.

You can pay your exam and accreditation fee using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Exam fees are charged in GBP but you can check your local currency conversion at

All Luxury Academy London certifications are CPD Accredited.  You will also be an accredited member of the International Association of Accredited Trainers Worldwide.

When you reach the end of your course you will be asked to register for your final exam.  You can choose which day suits you best and a date and time will be sent to you with exam room access details.

Exams are supervised by a tutor and must be completed on a desktop with a working video camera.  Exams are conducted inside a specialised exam portal.

Your certificate will be emailed to you on successful completion of your exam.

If you would like the Academy to print and send you your certificate by mail this can also be arranged.

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