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Luxury Academy

Working with High Net Worth Clients

Exclusively for the luxury sector

Understanding buying behaviour

Working with high net worth clients is designed for professionals in the luxury sector looking to elevate their skills in consumer engagement and sales. 

The course begins by exploring the mindset of the luxury consumer, offering a clear and concise understanding of what drives their purchasing behaviour. This exploration starts forming the foundation for building strong relationships with affluent clients, an essential skill in the luxury market.

As the course continues, it introduces practical and effective strategies tailored to the nuances of luxury sales. 

Expectations in luxury

Participants will learn how to establish rapid rapport with HNW clients, the art of using storytelling to make an emotional connection with luxury products, and the skill of customising experiences to perfectly match client preferences. 

The course also covers strategies for managing high expectations and fostering lasting client relationships, equipping professionals with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive and sophisticated world of luxury sales. 

This course is not just about learning techniques; it’s about mastering the art of luxury engagement and creating luxury experiences for your clients. 

Programme Topics

Module 00 Defining High Net Worth Individuals
Module 01 Psychology of Luxury Consumers
Module 02 The Art of First Impressions
Module 03 The Language of Luxury
Module 04 The Psychology of Personalisation in Luxury Service
Module 05 The Psychology of Exclusivity in Luxury Service
Module 06 The Psychology of Trust and Credibility in Luxury Service
Module 07 Aftercare and Long-Term Relationships

Module 08 The Psychology of Luxury in the Digital Age
Module 09 Sustainability and Ethics in Luxury
Module 10 The Psychology of Cross-Cultural Interactions
Module 11 The Art and Psychology of Storytelling in Luxury Sales
Module 12 Prestige Pricing
Module 13 Role of Personalisation in Luxury Consumer Engagement
Module 14 The Psychology of Loyalty and Retention
Module 15 The Psychology of Innovation

Course Content

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